LIME CRIME Venus III Eyeshadow Palette


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Make like a Renaissance master and create eye looks that would be at home in the Uffizi with Lime Crime’s ultra-chic eye shadow palette. Resembling a – very Instagrammable – collectable, the palette is housed in a beautiful mirrored, dreamy lavender and rose gold box, embossed with kitschy depiction of Venus herself. In a sea of nude palettes, Venus III emerges to offer eight richly pigmented, vibrant and glamorous shades, including rapturous lilac, rose gold, mauve and earthy brown tones. The finishes range from buttery matte to metallic, via luminous ‘glow’ and classic metallic effects. They can be worn alone or layered flawlessly on-trend look with a sophisticated, painterly finish. Our hue highlights? It’s too close to call, so here’s them all: lilac with pink shift ‘Beam’ (iridescent shimmer), mink lavender brown ‘Beloved’ (metallic), rosewood ‘Bliss’ (matte), matte mauve ‘Dreamy’, matte dried fig ‘Ecstasy’, rich rose gold ‘Heavenly’ (iridescent shimmer), bright fuchsia with blue glow ‘Paradise’ (glow) and soft blush with blue flush ‘Rapture’.


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